Carnivorous morning

autor:: Narkolepsia

rubrika:: off

There sits Lolita, breakfast from her breasts
doctor appologies for his vulgar rest

There grows the morning in its colour breed
Little sheeps of Ireland in one carnivorous seed

River flows from weeping of Cassandra re-born
Ratman full of grain left the signs in the gore

Shallow mist of sunrise in the lungs of the child
weapon of this charming´s much lovely than the night

Christ drinking the nectar from the limbs of whore
Salted forsaken fruit on his lips tastes bored

I am gentle dagger travelling through the wind
step with mouthless tongue into the cry of the nymph

I am careful water sewing His hair with mine
Who is He? I suffer when He eats me dry

There grows the morning in the shaking milk
Birds fell down to maw of dreamy Everything

napísanísané:: 15.8.2004

prečítalo:: 1223 ludí

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